Interrailing in Sweden

Reservations are required for high-speed trains and night trains. On regional trains (SJ Regional (R)) you do not need a reservation. As always, Seat61 offers awesome infromation about Interrailing in Sweden, you should read their article.

Interrail also has some information avaible about Swedish trains.

Sweden uses SEK as their currency instead of Euro, so do not get afraid by the reservation prices which are shown in local currency. SEK 10 is roughly €1.

Timetables and reservations


Most of the Swedish trains, including both domestic and international, can be booked through SJ. Payment is possible with credit card and reservation is digital.

  • Click ‘search journey’
  • Enter the stations and your departure date.
  • Use ‘adult’ as a traveller even you are kid, student or senior when you are booking Interrail reservations.
  • Click ‘Add SJ Prio/perioid ticket’ and add ‘Interrail or Eurailpass’ as your discount.
  • Search the journey.
  • Choose the train and your travel class. You need to have first class Interrail ticket if you want to purchase first class reservations.
  • Under the Flexibility option, select the cheapest option (Refundable). This means it is only a reservation. The non-rebookable fare is price for full ticket.
  • Fill in your personal details and pay the reservation. It will be send to your email as a PDF.

Night train reservation fees

SJ Night train, EuroNight runs between Stockholm and Berlin. Prices for reservations are confirmed in April 2024. Reservation fees stays the same, they do not depend on how early you book or how early you stay in the train. So for example, reservation fee is same for journey from Stockholm to Hamburg or from Stockholm to Berlin.

Second class travel solutions include shared toilet and shower in the carriage. Reservation fees with Interrail pass are following on second class. Note that the price in Sweden will be in SEK, so the currency conversion can change.

  • Seat 165 SEK ~€14
    • Not recommended if you want to have some sleep.
  • Berth in couchette 385 SEK ~€33
    • Place in a couchette with 6 berths
    • Bed linen waiting for you to make the bed
  • Bed in sleeping compartment 830 SEK ~€72
    • Place in compartment with two beds
    • Bed made for you
    • Breakfast
  • Private sleeping compartment 1654 SEK ~€143
    • Price should stay the same per cabin, so it should not matter if there is one or two passengers.
    • Bed made for you
    • Breakfast

Only first class travel option in this night train is

  • Private sleeping compartment 1490 SEK ~€129
    • Price should stay the same per cabin, so it should not matter if there is one or two passengers.
    • Private compartment with 1-3 beds
    • Private WC
    • Bed made for you
    • Breakfast

Note that you need to have first class Interrail/Eurail pass to be able to book first class sleeping compartment.

Day train reservation fees

Prices that have been checked in April 2024.

  • SJ High-speed train, X 2000
    • 65 SEK in second class
    • 150 SEK in first class
  • SJ Regional train
    • 35 SEK


With first class Interrail or Eurail pass you are allowed to use the SJ lounge on the day of your travel. Lounges are located in the following stations

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg (Göteburg)
  • Malmö

More information about lounges is avaible in SJ website.


Gothenburg & Malmo to Copenhagen by regular Öresund train: Reservation neither necessary nor possible, just get on, sit anywhere you like and show your pass when asked.



Interrail is valid with Snälltåget between Stockholm and Berlin. Reservation is required. Reservations are done by choosing ‘I have an Interrail or Eurail Pass’ box on Snälltå The price is SEK 199 for a seat, SEK 399 for a Recliner Seat and SEK 2,299 for Private Compartment (for 1-6 persons).

Interrail is valid on Snälltåget day trains between Malmo and Stockholm and the seasonal overnight train from Malmo to Åre. Reservations are required.

Interrail is not valid on the Snälltåget to and from Austria. source