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This wiki collects tips for using Interrail & Eurail passes and for train travel in Europe.

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How to contribute

We welcome contributions. If you would like to contribute a wiki article, post it as a new post in r/interrail. If nobody with wiki access rights notices the post, feel free to send us a modmail. The best way to contribute is to write up local tips and tricks for interrailing in your country.

Trip reports

Looking for trip ideas? The writers of this wiki make the occasional trip together or solo and want to share it with everyone. Other people’s trip reports are also welcome! Send a message to u/CM1112 if interested. Are you looking for some ideas for what to do with or without your Interrail/Eurail pass by train? Consider checking out our blog!

Travel map tips

Some of us from the mod team use u/Maje_Rincevent’s lovely website, visible in demo here, to track our taken trips by plane, bus, ferry or train.