Interrailing in Serbia

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Map of running passenger lines in Serbia and Kosovo (green lines = passenger trains run) in 2023

It can be very tricky to find information on trains in Serbia online – do please let the mod team know if you find any information here out of date and/or traveled yourself and have anything to add.

Getting to Belgrade by train

There are currently no intercity trains linking Serbia to other countries with the exception of Montenegro (Belgrade-Bar), so your options of getting to Serbia by train are quite adventurous.

1: From Budapest/Hungary: travel via Szeged/Subotica:

a) A regional trains used to operate Subotica-Kelebia timed to connect with onward trains twice a day. These were cut back to once a day in early 2023 (breaking the connections) then withdrawn completely in September 2023. A bus now runs from Szeged to Subotica timed to connect with trains to/from Budapest.

Belgrade0809IC 540 (reservations compulsory)
Novi Sad08450940RE 3432 (rail replacement bus)
Novi Sad Ranžirna09501000RE 3432
Subotica13401445Bus 600 (pass not valid)
Szeged16301645IC 723 (reservations compulsory)
Budapest Nyugati1907
As of September 2023 the section Novi Sad to Novi Sad Ranžirna is temporarily replaced by buses. Later trains operate from Szeged to Budapest.

Heading in the other direction:

Budapest Nyugati0753IC 712 (reservations compulsory)
Szeged10151025Bus 600 (pass not valid)
Subotica12051500RE 3413
Novi Sad Ranžirna18411850RE 3432 (rail replacement bus)
Novi Sad19001930RE 2423
As of September 2023 the section Novi Sad to Novi Sad Ranžirna is temporarily replaced by buses. Later trains operate from Novi Sad to Belgrade – including an intercity train (reservations compulsory) at 2000 which only reaches Belgrade 9 minutes later then the regional one.

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b) Take a later train to Szeged, hitchhike to Subotica, then follow the above connection to Novi Sad and Belgrade. A highway links Szeged and Subotica, distance around 40km, seems doable.

2: from Bucharest/Romania: make your way to Timisoara and then take the train to Stamora Moravita station, departure either 07:46 or 14:52 (from Timisoara Nord) and arrival at 09:01 or 16:06. From there, the railroad continues to Vrsac in Serbia but there are no passenger services. Luckily, both stations lie adjacent to the same main road – the only major road in the area – so hitchhiking would be an easy feat. It’s about a 19km, 20 minute drive. At Vrsac, trains leave at 12:05, 14:46, and 18:58 to Belgrade.

3: from Zagreb/Croatia: make your way to Osijek and stay overnight. A 06:22 service links Osijek with Erdut (arr. 07.43), from where it’s an 8km hike/hitchhike across the border to Bogojevo. From Bogojevo station regular services to Novi Sad. The other direction has a 14.30 service from Erdut to Osijek with connection to Zagreb, meaning Belgrade-Zagreb is doable in 1 day but not vice versa.

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Recent changes:
  • In April 2023 trains between Sofia and Dimitrovgrad where suspended.
  • In September 2023 trains between Subotica-Kelebia where suspended – having been cut from twice to once a day earlier in the year. At the same time the Szeged-Kelebia MÁV-START rail replacement bus was suspended.