Fare gates

In some countries access to stations is restricted by fare gates. In Italy, France and the Netherlands the QR code on the paper Interrail/Eurail pass (back side of the pass cover) or in the Rail Planner app opens the gates. In France you scan the seat reservation at TGV platforms instead of the pass. In the other countries only regular tickets work to open them, with an Interrail/Eurail pass you have to ask staff to open the gates.

The Netherlands

Most stations have gates. Interrail/Eurail works on the ticket gates, and on recent versions of the Rail Planner app it will block Apple Pay from coming up on iPhones so you can actually scan your Interrail pass. On Android if your wallet comes up, disable NFC and try again.


The only station with fare gates is Brussel Airport – Zaventem, where a supplement is payable at the ticket machines on both sides of the gateline. Scan the supplement ticket to get through the barrier.

United Kingdom

Most stations have gates. The Interrail/Eurail pass will not open any fare gates, speak to a member of staff to get through the gates. Note that for some services (Elizabeth Line and London Overground mainly) staff have been known to be difficult with accepting Interrail/Eurail, especially in the core section (Between Liverpool Street and Paddington). Know that Interrail and Eurail are valid on Elizabeth line and London Overground, even though it is not valid on London Underground.


Only the largest stations have gates. The Interrail ticket works to open them. In Italian station the gates are often just left open.


In France all TGV/Eurostar (high speed train) platforms have restricted access either by fare gates or by staff. You have to scan the reservation, not the Interrail/Eurail pass. At TGV platforms you just scan the reservation and walk through the gates onto the train, at Eurostar platforms for trains to London it’s a part of a lengthy border check.

TER (regional train) platforms usually don’t have fare gates, but some stations do, the pass works to open them.


Spain is one of the only European country where the entry to the high speed train stations also includes a short security check.
AVE reservations come with a code that opens Cercanías (commuter train) fare gates.

Greece, Portugal, Ireland

In these countries the Interrail/Eurail ticket doesn’t open the fare gates, you have to ask staff to open them.