Engineering works

As you might have noticed, this year will see plenty of engineering works and disruptions, including on major railways. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list, it will be updated regularly.

[last edit : 5th July 2024]


Tauerntunnel (Schwarzach – Villach)

18.11.2024 – 13.07.2025 : the Tauern Tunnel will be fully closed during this time. Long-distance buses will run between Bischofshofen and Spittal-Millstättersee.

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Linz – Prague

There are works planned between 15th July and 4th August. Trains are replaced by buses between Linz and Rybnik. The journey doesn’t take longer than usual as it’s a slow railway in the first place. The Zurich – Prague night train via Germany is still running (frequently delayed though).


(Vienna -) Marchegg – Bratislava

One of the 2 railways linking Vienna and Bratislava is closed until the end of 2024 for maintenance and electrification. Trains are running via Kittsee.


Villach – Jesenice

Long-distance trains are replaced by buses between 10th and 23th August. Night trains are redirected via Spielfeld-Straß.


Feldkirch – Buchs (Zurich – Austria)

The line between Feldkirch (Austria) and Buchs SG (Switzerland) through Liechtenstein is closed from 10th August to 9th September. EC163, RJX165 (from Zurich), EC164, RJX166 (towards Zurich) and night trains are rerouted via St. Margrethen SG. For the other connections: easy replacement bus journey from Feldkirch to Sargans and change to a train there. 30 min longer.


Tarvisio (Villach – Italy)

Part of this important link is closed from 12th to 27th July due to works on both Italian and Austrian sides. A few rail replacement buses run during the day between Villach and Carnia/Udine. Night trains are diverted, expect earlier departures and later arrivals. From OBB’s website :

Due to construction work the trains RJ 130, RJ 131, RJ 132 and RJ 133 cannot operate between Tarvisio Boscoverde and Villach Hbf from 12/07/2024 through 27/07/2024. A rail replacement bus service is being arranged. The trains RJ 130 and RJ 132 will be running at different times between Villach Hbf and Wien Hbf. The night-trains are redirected.

The Venice night train is running via Slovenia (no scheduled stop): 18:18 new departure time and 11:03 new arrival. The La Spezia night train leaves Vienna 30 min earlier and runs via Brenner.


LGV1 Lille – Brussels

The high-speed line is closed for necessary maintenance from 12th to 30th August. Eurostar services and TGV from/to Brussels take the classic lines. It should take 30 min longer, planners have been updated.

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LGV Sud-Est closure (9-12th November)

To install a new signalling system on the high-speed line no trains will be able to run on the Paris – Lyon – Marseille LGV. A limited service (30% of the usual offer) will run via the conventional lines. TGVs to the south will terminate either in Montpellier, Marseille or Toulon. Travel times will be severely increased. For example Paris – Marseille will take 7h20 (instead of 3h), Paris – Lyon 4h30 (instead of 2h).

Ligne des Merveilles (Nice – Breil-sur-Roya)

That beautiful line will undertake major maintenance works between 4th September 2024 and 15th December 2025. Replecement buses will run.

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Similar pages exist for all regions, no nationwide (useful) page.


Fréjus Rail Tunnel/Vallée de la Maurienne (Lyon – Turin)

Rail traffic is totally interrupted until further notice between Saint-Michel-Valloire and Modane due to a landslide in France. There is a daily TGV high-speed train between Paris and Milan with a bus replacement in the middle :

  • TGV Paris Gare de Lyon – Milano Porta Garibaldi 14:48 – 23:10
  • TGV Milano Porta Garibaldi – Paris Gare de Lyon 15:10 – 23:14

Some replacement buses run between Saint-Michel-Valloire and Modane. The only other link crossing the border is this bus : (PDF).

As alternatives consider the route via Nice, Geneva (subject to the above Simplon disruptions) or even Zurich/Gotthard. Flixbus also runs multiple services a day between Lyon and Turin (sometimes stopping in Chambéry).


Riedbahn (Mannheim – Frankfurt)

The mainline between Mannheim and Frankfurt will be fully closed from 15th July to 13rd December 2024. Trains will be diverted via Worms/Darmstadt. All details on DB Navigator app and here : 

Rheinbahn (Frankfurt/Switzerland/France)

Rastatt – Baden-Baden will be closed to rail traffic between 10th and 30th August (with less trains between 31st August and 9th September). There will be hourly buses from Baden-Baden to alternatively Rastatt or Karlsruhe where you’ll be able to connect to an ICE. Plan accordingly with a good margin. Some trains will be diverted :

  • TGV/ICE Paris – Frankfurt/Stuttgart via Saarbrücken. Some services will start/terminate at Mannheim or Heidelberg too.
  • TGV Marseille – Frankfurt : this daily train will instead start/terminate in Stuttgart and run via Mannheim and Saarbrücken.
  • The Zurich – Amsterdam night train will instead run from/to Basel through the deep German countryside. Early Basel departure at 19:41. Late arrival in Basel too at 08:10 or 08:40.
  • The Zurich – Berlin/Hamburg night trains will run via Schaffhausen and the Gäubahn
  • The Zurich – Prague night train via Leipzig will not run. Remains the alternative via Austria.

You could consider alternatives such as Zurich – St. Margrethen SG – Munich (mandatory reservation on the ECs), Schaffhausen – Friedrichshafen – Ulm or Strasbourg – Lauterbourg.

Gäubahn (Zurich – Stuttgart)

There will be no Zurich-bound trains from/to Stuttgart Hbf from 27th July to 6th September. Instead those trains will start from/terminate in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. There will be slow replacement buses (Interrail/Eurail valid) and faster U-Bahn (subways, Interrail/Eurail not valid). Check the full details closer to travel.

Cologne – Frankfurt High-speed line (KRM)

Fully shut from 16th July to 16th August. Trains will be diverted along the Rhine. Timetables have been updated. Expect less trains than usual: for example Brussels and Amsterdam ICEs will start/terminate in Cologne.–12847706#

Other important works in Germany

Use the DB Navigator app. Times are correct or at least there’s a notice saying that they will be soon.


Deutsches Eck (Rosenheim – Salzburg)

Nothing at the moment (surprising!).


Florence – Rome classic line (not high-speed)

Like last summer this route is closed to traffic between 8th June and 7th September. Night trains aren’t be able to run unfortunately (lack of drivers with route knowledge in Italy). Here is an official statement from Nightjet:

Wegen einer Streckensperre in Italien können die Nightjets NJ 40233/40294 (ab/bis Wien) und NJ 295/294 (ab/bis München) von 8. Juni bis 7. September 2024 leider nicht fahren und entfallen daher im gesamten Streckenverlauf.

Due to a route closure in Italy, the Nightjets NJ 40233/40294 (from/to Vienna) and NJ 295/294 (from/to Munich) will unfortunately not be able to operate from 8 June to 7 September 2024 and will therefore be cancelled on the entire route.

Consider alternatives such as the Munich/Vienna – La Spezia or Venice night trains. There are multiple daytime options to reach Florence and Rome.

Simplon (Domodossola – Milan)

The Stresa – Arona part of the Domodossola – Milan railway will be fully closed between 9th June and 8th September. More details here:—arona—sesto-calende—domodossola—domodossola.html

Direct buses will travel via the highway and are timed to connect to the ECs. 2h20 journey including margin. Departures:

  • from Domodossola at 08:30, 09:30, 12:30, 15:30, 16:30 and 20:30.
  • from Milano Centrale at 06:00, 07:00, 09:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 18:00.

Tickets cost 13€, reservations required to avoid people standing. Interrail/Eurail reservations are available at Swiss ticket counters (3 CHF). For peace of mind it might make sense to get a ticket online in advance.

There will be regional buses between Stresa and Arona.

In addition, the Iselle – Domodossola railway is closed between 9th and 30th August. Trains go through the Simplon tunnel and then passengers have to switch to buses. This part is operated by BLS/SBB so expect plenty of buses and no seat reservations.

RFI also took the opportunity to close Domodossola – Novara during those 3 weeks (since there’s no freight traffic at all). There are buses running.

SBB recently announced that 3 buses a day will run between Geneva, Lausanne and Milan:

  • from Geneva 07:15, 09:15, 15:15 (always stop in Lausanne)
  • from Milan 08:00, 14:00, 16:00 (“)

Interrail/Eurail reservations cost 13 CHF. Available at Swiss counters (likely in Italy too) and through Rail Europe.

Tirano – Milan

Upgrading works for the 2026 winter Olympics: the Tirano – Colico stretch is closed from 9th June to 8th September. Trains are replaced by buses. 15-30 min longer journey.

Verona – Padua

Between 31st July and 21st August high-speed trains between Milan and Venice are redirected between the above cities without intermediate stops. They will take the long way round via the Bologna outskirts (rare tracks!). Expect 1h30 longer travel time.

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Plenty of engineering works this summer:

  • 13th July – 11th August: Bettembourg station is fully closed to traffic. Replacement buses between Thionville and Luxembourg
  • 12th August – 15th September: Bettembourg – Luxembourg closed. Frequent replacement buses.

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Gotthard (Zurich – Milan)

A freight train derailed in the base tunnel on 10th August 2023. Until 2nd September 2024 most trains use the old line taking about an hour longer, planners have been updated. On Saturday morning southbound services use the base tunnel, same pattern on Sunday afternoon northbound. Use the SBB app. (German) (German)

French and Italian are also available.

For more: mostly follow the SBB app. Some press releases are also available on


Mersin – Yenice Branch Line

The line between Mersin and Yenice is being shut down starting from April 22, 2024 for a minimum of 24 months as part of HSR construction. During this time, the Mersin – Adana regionals will not run. The Mersin – İskenderun regionals will probably terminate at Yenice, but this is not confirmed as of April 5, 2024. No sleeper or mainline services seem to be affected at this time. TCDD will not offer any rail replacement services. Travelers wishing to visit or otherwise go to Mersin should take a bus to/from Yenice or Adana.

Kütahya – Demirciören and Tavşanlı – Emirli Lines

The sections Kütahya-Demirciören and Tavşanlı-Emirli of the Kütahya – Balıkesir mainline are being shut down to daytime trains on the following dates:
25/04/2024, 29/04/2024, 30/04/2024, 02/05/2024, 03/05/2024, 06/05/2024, 07/05/2024

On these dates, the Ege Ekspresi (Basmane – Eskişehir) will not run between Kütahya and Dursunlu. Rail replacement services will be provided in this section.

United Kingdom

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