Interrailing in the Baltic States

This guide is mainly focused on how to get from one country to another, so it includes borders all the way from Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania to Poland.

Generally train tickets in Baltic states are inexpensive. It can be cheaper to buy a regular train ticket instead of using a travel day. Tickets are available online and at the stations. For Youth the price of travel day with Interrail pass is 35€ with 7 days in one month pass and about 16€ with one month continuous pass. You should compare the prices of regular train tickets and Interrail travel days.

All prices and timetables mentioned in this post were valid in January 2024.

Timetables are available on each country’s own website. Tickets in the Baltics usually come to sale only few weeks before travel day. But do not worry – you can assume that the timetable will remain same after that. Timetables change twice a year, and mainly there are only small changes in timetables then. But it is always good to double-check the timetables before traveling to just make sure your plans will work out.

Most of these countries don’t send their timetable data to Interrail/Eurail, so you cannot find the timetables from their website or in the Rail Planner app. Your Interrail Pass is still valid on these countries, you just need to add the trains manually to your pass.


If you are using travel day, there is generally lots of space in the trains and no seat reservations are possible to make. Hop on, add the connection to the travel log or to the trip in the app and show your pass when asked.

Map of railway lines and stops in Estonia

The Elron site has a railway map of Estonia and map of stations in Tallinn and Tartu. Railway station in Tallinn has 9 tracks, being the largest railway station in Estonia, and Tartu has only 3 tracks.

Locations of replacement busses

Trains of Estonia on a live map

Trains between Estonia and Latvia

From Estonia to Latvia and vice versa, you need to change trains at the border in Valga/Valka. Trains in Estonia don’t show up in the Interrail/Eurail web site or in the planner. Use to check timetables (and tickets) in Estonia.

There are four trains per day between Tallinn and Valga, but only one or two of them is usefull is you are going to/from Riga.

From Tallinn to RigaWeekdaysWeekends
Tallinn, departure07:4207:42 & 12:52
Valga, arrival11:2111:21 & 16:39
Change of trains in Valga
Valga, departure14:5216:52
Riga, arrival17:4719:47
From Riga to TallinnEvery day
Riga, departure11:00
Valga, arrival13:59
Change of trains in Valga
Valga, departure17:29
Tallinn, arrival21:06

Tallinn-Valga: 3,5-4 hours. Tickets are 17.34€ in second class and 22,10€ in first class when you buy them online. Also avaible in train, but they are about 20 % more expensive then.

Valga – Riga is little bit under 3 hours and costs 5,22 €. Only second class avaible.

Ferries between Estonia and Finland

There is no train connection between Estonia and Finland, you need to take a ferry instead. The fastest connections will take you across in 2h, there are also slower overnight ferries. Overnight ferries will make the journey in 2-3 hours, but they will let you sleep in the ferry until morning, when you have purchased a cabin. Multiple companies serve this route, some offer discounts for Interrail pass holders. The ferries aren’t expensive anyway, cheapest daytime ferries are around €15 and night ferries €35 when it is not peak season. The Ferries go between Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland). Companies that offer this route are: Eckerö Line, Viking Line and Tallink Silja.

Day ferries start at 10 euros, night ferries are 35+ eur. Prices depend on the season and how early you book your trip. There are minimal differences between the ferry companies, I would suggest you choose the cheapest one or that one that suits your timetables the best. Remember to check from which ferry terminal your boat departs, as there are multiple ones in both cities. Depending on the company, you should be at the port 20-40 minutes before departure time usually.

Check discount codes from Interrail/Eurail Discounts & Benefits portal:

From Helsinki there are trains to every part of Finland. Timetables available at, reservations can be done by phone to long distance trains (Intercity and Pendolino). Commuter trains (named with single letters) don’t have an option to reserve seats.


Ticket and timetables available at, no option to make a reservation with Interrail Pass. Just hop on, add connection to the travel log or to the trip, and show your pass when asked (or buy a regular ticket to save your travel day).

The baggage policy generally allows you to carry 60 * 40 * 20 cm bag for free. Extra ticket for a bigger bag can be bought for under 2€ for the journey to Valga-Riga.

Read the whole policy here:


Note: to search a connection to Białystok, you have to write “Balstoge”.

No reservations needed, but recommended on the route to/from Klaipeda according to Interrail.

Trains between Lithuania and Latvia

In December 2023, daily direct service started running.

From Riga (Latvia) to Vilnius (Lithuania)Every day
Riga, departure15:28
Vilnius, arrival19:51
From Vilnius (Lithuania) to Riga (Latvia)Every day
Vilnius, departure06:30
Riga, arrival10:43

Travel time is around 4,5 hours. Trip costs €34 in first class and €24 in second class. Tickets are avaible from This train has been sold out in weekends week before travel time. So do not leave booking this train for too late.

Trains between Lithuania and Poland

Starting 11 December 2022, a new daily service links Krakow & Warsaw with Kaunas & Vilnius.

Lithuanian train route is Vilnius – Kaunas – Mockava. You need to change trains in Mockava, even when Ltglink sells you the ticket as a one train and do not always mention about the change. Timetables are well synced for change, you have about half hour time to change from train to another in same platform. Polish train goes from Mockava to Krakow Glowny via Warsaw Central.

Check always the most current timetables from operators website. Currently on January 2024 the timetables is following on a route from Lithuania to Poland. Note that there is one hour time difference between Lithuania and Poland. All times are in local time.

From Vilnius (Lithuania) to Krakow (Poland)Every day
Vilnius, departure12:30
Mockava, arrival14:57
Mockava, departure15:25
Trakiszki (Poland)15:15
Warszawa Central20:15
Krakow Glowny, arrival23:32
From to Krakow (Poland) to Vilnius (Lithuania)Every day
Krakow Glowny, departure04:14
Warszawa Centralna, departure07:45
Bialystok, departure10:30
Suwalki, departure12:45
Mockava, arrival14:35
Mockava, departure15:10
Vilnius, arrival17:34

Underlined means that you need to change trains in Mockava. The whole journeys is long, 12,5 hours. It costs only €30 and you can purchase it as a single ticket from

More on trains in Poland: Poland.

Updated 01/2024. This article is based on a post by u/vignoniana. Thank you for your contribution.