Interrailing in Finland

In Finland there are two main types of trains; commuter trains and domestic long-distance trains. Train travel is safe and reliable in Finland – and generally the whole country is safe to visit. Just don’t sleep at train stations! 😉 Somebody will ask that, always… You will be kicked off the station.

Main station of Helsinki is just called ‘Helsinki’. Every train going to/from Helsinki also stops at Pasila if you need to switch trains. Smaller train stations at Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa are just named after the neighborhood the station is in, so the station names don’t mention Helsinki in them (for example, Pasila. It’s approximately 5 min from Helsinki main station, it’s still in the city of Helsinki but it’s just called Pasila)

Track work in Turku – Helsinki railway

No direct trains from Turku to Helsinki or Helsinki to Turku. This applies also to the route from Helsinki to Turku Satama (port of Turku). These track works started in August 2022 and the estimated duration for the track work is two years.

  • Replacement busses are running on the route Turku Satama – Kupittaa – Turku Satama.
  • These busses do not stop on Turku main station. To get into Turku, you need to take a local bus (and buy a local bus ticket for that) or walk for 3,3 km (about 45 mins).
  • Local bus ticket in Turku is €3 or €4 is bought from bus driver. On night time the fares are €4/€5.
  • Trains on route Tampere – Turku and Tampere – Turku Satama runs normally.
  • If you want to get into the port of Turku from Helsinki by using trains only (no replacement bus), you need to change trains in Toijala.

The replacement bus between Kupittaa and Turku Harbour is not accessible with wheelchair. You should be eligible to get other form of transportation for this part of the trip by VR. Call their accessible travel customer service and ask more information directly from VR. Contact details for accessible travel avaible here:

If you are planning to do Interrail trip with a route going from Finland to Sweden, you probably want to take the ferry from Helsinki instead of Turku.

VR’s website about Kupittaa train station & the trackwork in Turku

Timetables, Interrail validity & generic info

You cannot reserve seats by yourself on the Internet, you need to call VR if you want to reserve a seat. Reservations are not mandatory.

You can use replacement busses even you do not have a reservation for the train that it is replacing. This is confirmed from VR in August 2022.

TLDR; Interrail pass is valid on all VR and HSL trains (so basically all the trains, excluding the historical steam-powered museum train running few times a year)

Railway stations and routes on a map

Train timetables are available on (vr.f)[] Official App is VR Matkalla, available on:



OR at if you’re at on HSL area (Helsinki region).

Interrail is not valid on metros in Helsinki and Espoo. With HSL app you can buy tickets for trams, local busses and metros. Bus and tram drives do not sell tickets, you need to buy the ticket in advance with an app or from a ticket machine or a shop selling the tickets. Map of ticket machines and shops can be fouund here. Tickets prices starts at 2,8€. Day tickets starts at 8€. HSL website and app called Reittiopas (Journey Planner) suggest what ticket you need if you travel with bus/tram/metro or with Ferry to Suomenlinna. You need to have valid ticket with you when boarding into tram or bus. When travelling with metro, you need to have valid ticket before entering the metro platform area – so before going into the elevator or escalator. There is blue line and card readers which indicate the start of metro platform area. There is sometimes ticket control in the metro platform before entering the metro train itself, so really, be sure to have valid ticket before entering the platform area. Buying ticket on the escalators can cost you €80… Controllers know how much time the escalator trip takes and they will look in which second you bought your ticket. Buy it before entering the escalators/lift.

Accessible train travel

The M, G and O commuter trains are unfortunately not accessible by wheelchair.

VR offers a free taxi service between Kotka and Kouvola if you can not board the O-train. This service is availabel ONLY between Kotka and Kouvola. Call VR customer support before using this service to make sure interrail pass is eligible for the service.

Generally, all other trains should be accessible. Check sections about different train types for more information.

VR has customer service for accessible train travel. It’s contact details can be found here:

Commuter trains

Commuter trains doesn’t require reservation and it’s impossible to make one. All seats are free to take, so go into the train, choose your preferred seat and show your ticket if asked. All of these commuter trains use electricity as a fuel.

All commuter train lines on a map:

These ones run mainly in the Helsinki district on Southern Finland.

List of commuter trains running as of October 2023. Commuter train service to Hanko very likely starts in 2024 (exact date unconfirmed), but no other future changes. Commuter trains are named with single letter, so they’re super easy to recognize! Note that commuter trains in Helsinki have great headways (e.g I-train has 10 minute headways on weekdays), but commuter train lines like O and G have way worse service. Headways shown below.

Commuter trains marked as a ‘night train’ here means that they run only at night. There is no specific night carriage on commuter trains, it’s just information so you don’t be confused about what train you’re seeing or missing in timetables 🙂 Night trains usually are little bit slower than day trains since they stop at more stations. Your Interrail pass is valid on all of these trains 🙂

Commuter trains in Rantarata (the Coastal Railway)

Train type: Sm5. Timetables on Reittiopas.

  • Y: Helsinki – Siuntio
  • X: Helsinki – Siuntio (this stops at more stations **than Y train)
  • U: HelsinkiKirkkonummi. Runs every 30 minutes.
  • L: HelsinkiKirkkonummi (night train, more stops than U train)
  • E: Helsinki – Kauklahti. Runs every 30 minutes.
  • A: HelsinkiLeppävaara. Runs every 20 minutes.

Commuter trains to airport

Train type: Sm5. Timetables on Reittiopas.

  • I: Helsinki – Tikkurila – Airport – Helsinki. Runs every 10 minutes.
  • P: Helsinki – Airport – Tikkurila – Helsinki. Runs every 10 minutes.

The route is the same loop with I and P trains, direction is just different.

Commuter trains in Päärata (the Finnish Main Line)

Timetables on Reittiopas. Part of R, T, D and Z trains are also available on, but I suggest to use Reittiopas since it has them all

  • K: Helsinki – Kerava. Runs every 10 minutes. Sm5
  • R: Helsinki – Riihimäki or Helsinki – Riihimäki – Tampere. twice a day Helsinki – Riihimäki – Tampere – Nokia. Most of the times R train goes only to/from Riihimäki, but few of them in a day goes all the way to Tampere, where two per day run all the way to Nokia. Runs every 30 minutes. Sm4.
  • T: Helsinki – Riihimäki. Night train. More stops than R train. Sm4.
  • D: Helsinki – Riihimäki – Hämeenlinna. Quite fast commuter train, barely stops anywhere. Runs only few times a day at peak times. Sm4.
  • Z: Helsinki – Lahti. Runs every 60 minutes. Sm4. Twice a day it goes all the way to/from Helsinki – Lahti – Kouvola, then the train type is very exceptional Eil-train pulled by an electric locomotive. ( TLDR: the same services as in Sm2, just pulled by an electric locomotive.

Commuter trains outside of Helsinki

  • M: Nokia – Tampere – Toijala, Runs every 60 minutes. (Also note commuter train R). Sm2
  • G: Lahti – Riihimäki, Runs every 60 minutes. Sm2.
  • O: Kotka – Kouvola – Lahti, 15:13 departure from Kotka Port to Lahti always changes into G train, even as VR shows that you have to change trains. Meaning it is a guaranteed connection. Worst frequency out of the entire commuter train network, only 7 trains a day per direction. Old Sm2 train. Special free replacement service available for travelers using a wheelchair. More information above in the “accessible train travel”-section.

Commuter train types


Commuter trains in Helsinki region (HSL area) are new, Sm5-type trains.


  • Space for bikes
  • Pets allowed
  • Wheelchair spaces in accessible low floor coaches, with button-operated wheelchair ramps
  • Accessible toilets
  • Air conditioning
  • 230V wall outlets all around the train

In other parts of Finland train types are Sm4 or Sm2, Sm4 being newer model.


  • Space for prams
  • Space for bikes
  • Pets allowed
  • Wheelchair spaces, ramp service may be ordered
  • Accessible trains – easier boarding due to the low floor design
  • Accessible toilets
  • Air conditioning
  • Few 230V wall outlets near the toilets

Oldest commuter trains in Finland. Quite nostalgic trains. Sadly these trains have steps to them, so they are not accessible. These trains run on quite random, mainly on a Z train going all the way into the Kouvola and sometimes R train going to Tampere. If you travel with wheelchair, it is fortunately quite rare to see these trains and unfortunately you cannot know the train model being used before you are on the station.


  • Space for prams
  • Space for bikes
  • Pets allowed
  • Toilets
  • Very few 230V wall outlets next to the train doors, outside the seating compartment
  • The trains are not accessible (steps to the train)

Regional trains Like commuter trains but between smaller cities and often older trains. These cannot be found on Helsinki region. No reservation needed or even possible, just hop on the train an show your ticket if it’s asked.

Railbuses operates on following routes:

  • Pieksämäki–Joensuu–Nurmes
  • Iisalmi–Ylivieska
  • Karjaa–Hanko
  • Savonlinna–Parikkala
  • Tampere–Keuruu
  • Jyväskylä–Seinäjoki
Railbus Dm12


Railbuses have no locomotives, as the machinery moving the train is part of the coach. Railbuses operate on non-electrified railway line sections. They are diesel trains.

  • Free wi-fi (VR-junaverkko)
  • Space for bikes
  • Space for prams
  • Wheelchair spaces and wheelchair lifts
  • Accessible toilets
  • Seats for passengers travelling with pets
  • Overhead racks for luggage
  • Few 230V wall outlets
  • Please note that railbuses have less space for luggage than other trains

Long-distance trains

InterCity (IC in timetables) or Pendolino (S in timetables). IC is the most common long-distance train in Finland.

No separate first and second class. There is Extra Class “for more comfortable travel”. Consult customer service or your conductor if you want travel here. With full priced tickets it cost few euros to upgrade seat.

Reservation on InterCity & Pendolino trains is optional, if you want a reserved seat it costs €5 to €10 in 2nd class or €10-€15 in 1st class, depending on distance.


Prices asked from VR in September 2022 about reserving a seat Second class / Ekstra Class (VR’s version of first class. Avaible with 1st class IR ticket.) – Helsinki – Turku €10/20 – Helsinki – Tampere €5/€10 – Helsinki – Seinäjoki €10/€15-20 – Helsinki – Oulu €10/15 – Helsinki – Kolari €10/15.

On normal priced train tickets in Finland the seat is included in the price, so that’s why there is no self service possibility to reserve seat only. If you sit on a random free seat, do not be surprised if someone says that you are sitting on their seat – it is possible, since all non-Interrail passengers have a spesific seat reserved to them in their ticket.

If you wanna bed in your sleeper train, you need to reserve it. Bed is ready made and quite comfortable 🙂 Usually 2 beds per cabin, some older train cars might have 3 beds. Reserve beds via phone or at train station with customer service (in person in Tampere or in Helsinki, so I recommend calling to VR). Reservation can be paid with credit/debit card on the phone, the reservation will be send into your email.

Tip: You can check available seats by trying to buy a ticket on Find the train you’re planning to take and select a seat you would like to have. You cannot reserve seat only, but you will see which ones are taken 😉 This also applies to beds.

InterCity (IC)

  • Tasty restaurant services: a restaurant car or sales trolley
  • Free wi-fi (VR-junaverkko)
  • Charge your battery – at least one power socket for every two seats
  • Toilets (incl. accessible toilet and child care facilities on most trains)
  • Comfortable seats with tray tables, reading lights and adjustable backrests
  • Air conditioning on most coaches
  • Compartments for two or four persons*
  • Facilities for meetings and group travel*
  • Family compartments*, children’s playroom, space for prams
  • Wheelchair spaces*
  • The service car can be entered accessibly by using a wheelchair ramp if the station has a high platform. In this case, the train entrance and platform are on the same level.
  • The conductor of train will provide assistance if the station has a low platform and a wheelchair ramp is required for moving.
  • Seats for passengers travelling with pets*
  • Unlocked luggage racks and overhead racks.
  • Coin return racks for skis and snowboards.
  • Space for bikes; you can reserve a place for your bike when you’re buying your own train ticket. The transport fee for a bike is €4-8, depending on the length of your journey.*

Special facilities are not available on all trains. When searching for trips, select the facilities you need. *Reservation needed, call VR if you’re interested.

Pendolino (S)

  • Tasty food and drinks from the restaurant car
  • Free wi-fi (VR-junaverkko)
  • Charge your battery – power sockets by each seat
  • Toilets (incl. accessible toilet and child care facilities)
  • Comfortable seating with tray tables, reading lights and adjustable backrests (except for the seats at both ends of the car)
  • Air conditioning
  • Compartment for 2–6 persons*
  • Wheelchair spaces*
  • Pendolino trains always feature stairs. The service car can be accessed with a wheelchair lift.
  • Seats for passengers travelling with pets*

*Reservation needed, call VR if you’re interested.

  • Overhead racks and space for luggage at both ends of the coach
  • Coat rack in the middle of the coach
  • Space for prams *
  • Bikes cannot be transported on Pendolino trains**

Night trains

If you book your night train early, you can get private cabin for €49 with full priced ticket. So if you wanna buy a private cabin for night train, decide if it’s cheaper to pay for a reservation + Interrail Travel day or just buy a regular train ticket online.

  • Restaurant cars
  • Cabins are for 1–2 or 1–3 people.
  • You can also select an adjoining downstairs cabin (2 + 2 persons), with a partition that can be opened. You can book these cabins via our customer service.
  • Accessible & pet cabins available.

Night train cabin prices

These prices are checked from VR on September 2022. VR does not sell only beds since start of the pandemic, but whole cabins only. From helsinki to North (Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kolari, Kemijärvi, Tornio) the price of night train reservation is 100-104€ per cabin. So check the full-priced tickets, since they are often about the same price than reservation only. There is no quota for Interrail travelers, so if there is cabins left on the train, you can reserve it to yourself by calling to VR.


Trains on live map

View your train on map. See next stations and if it’s delayed or not etc. Train schedules by Fintraffic, shows also platforms:

Station maps in Helsinki region

Station maps on other parts of Finland

Site is in Finnish, but just click the name of the station to download a map (png or PDF)

International connections

No international trains to/from Finland, but luckily multiple other (cheap) options.


North Sweden

No international trains. But you can take a train to Tornio and walk to Haaparanta/Haparanda (Sweden). It’s about 4-5 km walk. There is one hour difference between Finnish and Swedish time zones, so be aware of that. Trains stop more often in Kemi than in Tornio. Free bus between Kemi and Tornio available: There is also bus services from Finland to Sweden, Tornio (FI) – Haparanda (SWE) – Luleå (SWE):

South Sweden

Take a night ferry from Turku or Helsinki to Stockholm, Sweden. Interrail discounts available, ferry with own cabin starts at about 25€. Use Benefits portal and select ‘Ferries’ as a category. Multiple companies offer this journey; Tallink Silja & Viking Line. Multiple ferries every day and basically every company is offering same services and same kind of ferries, so choose the one that has the best price and timetables for you.


Ferry from Helsinki (multiple ports in Helsinki available) to Tallinn. Abour 2-3 hour journey or night at ferry. Use Benefits portal and select ‘Ferries’ as a category. Multiple companies offer this journey; Tallink Silja & Viking Line. Eckerö Line also offers this trip. No Interrail discount available, but day ferries starts at 4€. Multiple ferries every day and basically every company is offering same services and same kind of ferries, so choose the one that has the best price and timetables for you.


There is option to take a ferry Helsinki – Travemünde. It’s almost 24 hours. Interrail discount available: This is more a cargo ship type ferry than ferries between Finland and Sweden or Estonia. Also less ferries and more expensive trip.

Other things


Cheap busses to places without railways

Limited journey opportunities.

Long-distance busses in Finland

Things to know

  • Water is very high quality and you can drink straight from the faucet. Carry your own water bottle, don’t use your money to bottled water 🙂
  • Credit & debit cards works almost everywhere. Small amount of cash is of course nice to have with you.
  • Don’t assume that you can buy a bus ticket from the driver. It’s often required to buy in advance.
  • Most of adults speak English, especially younger ones.
  • Nature here is beautiful and you should enjoy it! You can go camping, pick some mushrooms and berries and go to swim at random lakes. More about everyman’s rights:
  • National parks in Finland

Skiing in Lapland

Long-distance trains have excellent interchange opportunities to skiing resorts all across Lapland from Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Kolari and Oulu. VR has a great page about it:

Finnish cities to visit

Trying to keep this part quite short. You can find more info about these places with Google or with links I provided here 🙂


City-owned website about things in Helsinki:

🏰 Suomenlinna

Sea fortress & one of the districts in Helsinki. Easy public transport starting at €2,8 covers also ferries to Suomenlinna.

📚 Oodi Library

5 min walk from Helsinki railway station.

⛪ Helsinki Cathedral

🦚 Korkeasaari zoo Located in a small island. Nice and ethical zoo to visit.

🧖 Public saunas

🏊‍♂️ Yrjönkatu Swimming hall City-owned swimming hall where bathing suit is optional. Multiple saunas. Hundred year old building.

⛪ Temppeliaukio Church Carved in a stone.

🌳 Seurasaari

Small island. Bus/tram + walking from the city center. Museum with old buildings. Nice nature.

🎡 Linnanmäki

Amusement park in the middle of Helsinki. Free entry and even few free rides!

🖼️ National Museum

🏅Olympic Stadion

🌲 Central Park of Helsinki

More of a woods than a park 🙂

⛪ Uspenski Cathedral

🚋 Tram Museum

Helsinki Tram museum – Always free entry.


🚍 About one hour bus journey from Helsinki. 5-10€. Tickets & Timetables from Onnibus or Matkahuolto. 🚍 Bus timetables inside the city of Porvoo can be also found on Matkahuolto. Beautiful old city & Cathedral.


🚂 2 hour journey from Helsinki 🚍 Local busses in Turku are operated by Föli:

⛪ Cathedral


🐻‍❄️ No polar bears 😉 But the most amazing nature in both winter and summer. Accomodation is expensive especially in the peak times (middle of summer and winter).


🚂 2 hour journey from Helsinki

🖼️ Moomin Museum

🖼️ Museum center Vapriikki

🎡 Särkänniemi Amusement Park

🕵️ Spy Museum

🖼️ Lenin Museum


Small Finnish city with Railway museum (Rautatiemuseo). commuter train R from Helsinki (to Riihimäki, via Hyvinkää) takes about 45 min. Trains run every 30 minutes. Possible day trip destination from Helsinki. There is a small shopping center called Willa in Hyvinkää, few restaurants and cafes there. Kulmakonditoria aka Kulmis is a local gem offering cafe and food.

🚂 Railway museum 10-minute walk from Hyvinkää railway station.


🎿 Tahko

🗼 Puijo tower & restaurant


🖼 Multiple museums in Kuopio


🎿 Himos

Skiing at winter 🙂

🖼 Alvar Aalto museum

✈ Finnish Air Force Museum


🎤 Opera Festival

🏰 Olavinlinna

Olavinlinna Castle is situated on a rocky islet in the Kyrönsalmi stream.

🏞 Kolovesi National Park


🖼 Museum and Science Centre Luuppi


🥽 Tropiclandia waterpark


🏝️ Southeastern archipelago

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