Interrailing in Hungary

Hungary has a very dense network of trains making it easy to explore by train. Standard tickets are though very cheap – so a pass may not make sense

For information on the limited train service to Serbia see: – buses are a better option. All other neighbouring countries can easily be reached by train.

How to make reservations on the MÁV website?

You can make reservations for many trains in and connection to/from Hungary at: – the website though has many problems and does not always work properly. This process typically works for:

  • Domestic trains within Hungary
  • Seasonal night trains to Koper via Ljubljana & Split
  • Night trains to Stuttgart, Zurich & Berlin (these can also be booked on the NightJet website)

But will not work for for basically anything else – but some other alternatives are:

Domestic trains
  1. Go to:
  2. Fill in the route and time
  3. Flick the checkbox at the bottom for: “I only need seat reservation”
International trains

Go to:
Fill in the route and time and search

Click on “Date of Birth”

Enter your date of birth and then click “Add Discount”

Select “Bérlet (pl.InterRail)” and then “Ok”

If this as worked you will see the price reduce to reflect the reduced price. Here its gone from €72 to €29

To change the type of accomodation then click the already present option and you’ll then get the option to change it