The trip to Czechia

A couple of days ago some of us went to Czechia to meet up with each other. Here we also did a lot of new lines for most of us, including a heritage train from our apartment in the mountainous region. Below it is visible where we went to and where we stayed.

The route everyone took there was quite different, but the two main routes were via the night train from Zürich to Prague then up to Děčín to Jedlová, or via Berlin, the EC in the direction of Prague stopping in Děčín to change to the line to Jedlová. Some pictures of our first Czech food and drink on board the EuroCity is shown below.

Three plates of food on board a České dráhy restaurant carriage together with an orange juice, a cider and a beer.

After we arrived we met up with the group that went via Prague and went to bed.

The following morning we got up decently early to go a couple of stops in the direction of Děčín with the train shown below, to do a proper hike back.

Below are some of the pictures we took on the hike.

The end result was a 5 hour, 16.5km hike going a total of 568 meters up.

After we got back at Jedlová we went for some lunch and a well deserved Kofola.

We did have to hurry a bit as our next train was almost there, a lovely heritage train by KŽC to Prague, with some spectacular sunset views.

After this it was enjoying a beer and catch the last train to Jedlová, where we noticed we were really in a different part of the world than the Netherlands for example, where a train just continues on even though it is cancelled because our stop is not accessible by bus.

The next day was going home day, some of us went straight home, others did some Czech lines, although these views when waking up will certainly be missed!

To get home we did go on some small branch lines to try out some weird trains like this class 810 RegioMouse in Louny.

After this we all went home, some of us via a long detour while others via the use of European Sleeper, enjoying some drinks along the way to Berlin. The European Sleeper Weizen is definitely a solid option!

And after some fun views of the Elbe, Dresden Hauptbahnhof and later on also the amusement fair in Dresden it was time to tuck in for the night around Berlin as it was going to be an early start for some of us getting off in the Netherlands to go back home.

For if anyone is curious where we all came from to get to this tiny station in the middle of nowhere, thanks to the lead developer of Trainlog for developing this feature just because of this trip.


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